Pawmi might shape the meta, 1,000 Pokémon milestone on the line in new Scarlet and Violet leaks

The waves are no longer crashing onto the social media shores.

Image via The Pokémon Company

It seems we have reached the final day of extremely detailed and specific leaks for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, as one of the main sources for the rumors, speculation, and leaked information has gone dark after one last drop—which includes additional sourcing on multiple new Pokémon and mechanics. 

One of the core focuses of the last several leaks was the continued exploration of Ancient and Future Pokémon forms, which will reportedly add a new element to existing species without counting as an evolution or evolving themselves. The ancestors will now seemingly share common traits. 

Based on the most recent set of leaks, some Ancient and Future Pokémon will have the same ability. Additionally, they will have a similar naming convention to show they are one of the Pokémon from the past or future. As of now, that looks to be “Iron” for Future Pokémon, perhaps hinting that they will all have a metallic appearance of sorts, not that they will all be Steel types. 

We also got a longstanding leak broken down, with one leaker revealing that the “hardcore queen” getting a Future species is actually Gallade. The reason this codename was used in early riddles is that the Future Gallade will incorporate elements of Gardevoir and be themed on an archer, though this theming hasn’t been confirmed by multiple leakers. 

While these new forms are likely the most interesting part of these leaks, Pawmi became a point of contention as it was leaked it might learn a move that could revive a Pokémon in your party. 

This move, which will seemingly be learned by Pawmi as it levels up, would be a single PP move that revives a single Pokémon that has fainted in battle to some extent. If this is true, and Pawmi is actually a three-stage, decent Pokémon, this move will instantly become something that helps shape the generation nine competitive meta—at least to some extent if it isn’t banned. 

The final major “confirmation” from the last wave of leaks is that we will likely finally crack the 1,000 Pokémon mark in the National Pokédex, though the exact number of Pokémon being added in SV still has not been specified. But, thanks to the remainder of the leaks, we do have some clarifications on previous information that gives updated info on which Pokémon will get what forms and new Pokémon entirely. 

  • Updated details on new iterations of existing Pokémon 
    • Regional Forms: Wooper and Tauros
    • New Evolutions: Primeape, Wooper, Murkrow, Dunsparce, Girafarig, and Bisharp
    • Ancient Species: Jigglypuff, Amoonguss, Volcarona, Salamance (unconfirmed,) unknown gen two Pokémon, and Misdreavus
    • Future Species: Delibird, Gallade, Volcarona, Tyranitar (unconfirmed,) and unknown gen two Pokémon
    • Convergent/RFake: Diglett and gen one Water-type
  • Dunsparce’s evolution could end up being not much different than the original
  • Two Pokémon could have both Ancient and Future species
    • Previously mentioned as Salamance and Tyranitar, debunked
    • Now looks like Volcarona and a “random” Pokémon from gen two
  • Old starters could make an appearance, though the leakers are conflicted on this point
  • Bisharp seems to be getting an evolution, not Pawniard
  • Kamen Rider-inspired Bug/Fighting-type could be included
  • New Flamingo Pokémon could be single stage Flying/Fighting-type
  • Pawmi could be a three-stage Pokémon
  • Might not be any new Evolution Stones
  • New Grass/Fire-type Pokémon could be added
  • New Dolphin Pokémon could have a “big surprise” 
  • New two-stage Ice and Salt-themed Pokémon could be added
  • New two-stage Engine-themed Pokémon could be added
  • Trade evolutions will likely be back to normal from before Pokémon Legends: Arceus

If this really is the end of this week-plus wave of leaks from multiple sources, it is important to continue treating all non-official information as rumors and speculation, not fact. Even if some of the information is likely to be real, additional “leaks” will now be popping up with less credibility to capitalize on the gap, so take everything with a massive grain of salt.