Bunny no more—D.Va gets a cute cat skin in Overwatch tomorrow

New content is coming to Overwatch on Jan. 23.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It’s the skin we’ve all been waiting for—Black Cat D.Va.

Sporting blonde pig-tails and black cat ears, D.Va will get a new skin when Overwatch’s massive content drop launches. And we won’t have to wait long, as the new patch will drop tomorrow, Jan. 23. Black Cat D.Va is a legendary skin, and was teased when Blizzard revealed the new sprays coming to the game.

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D.Va’s mech gets its own kitty ears, too—all black and pink, of course. D.Va’s new dress is part goth, part cutesy, paired with black gloves and checkered tights. Her new Black Cat mech is adorned with hearts and a new “Cat Force” sticker.

D.Va isn’t the only hero getting a legendary skin when Blizzard World is released tomorrow. Hanzo, Lúcio, and Pharah will all get new legendary skins, while Reaper, Symmetra, Zenyatta, Junkrat, and McCree will get new epic skins. A whole bunch of heroes will get legendary Blizzard-themed skins, too—all of which were revealed at BlizzCon 2017.

All of the new skins, emotes, and sprays will be added to Overwatch’s base loot boxes, as they aren’t tied to any event. Overwatch’s newest map, Blizzard World, will also launch alongside all the new content.