Who won the 2022 OTK Rift, OTK’s League of Legends tournament?

Team Buddha took the win.

On March 18, esports organization OTK hosted a $10,000 League of Legends tournament featuring eight teams consisting entirely of streamers. Team Buddha, which featured Buddha, xQc, Sykkuno, Harry, and Blaustoise, ultimately beat out their competition and won the first ever OTK Rift event.

Each of the eight teams had one player designated as team leader, also acting as the namesake for their respective squad. The eight teams competing at OTK Rift included Team Buddha, Team Sodapoppin, Team Esfand, Team Tectone, Team Erobb, Team QTCinderella, Team Mizkif, and Team Critikal.

The tournament took place over the course of a single day and is still available to watch on Emiru’s Twitch channel. The eight teams were initially split into two groups to compete in a round-robin format. Group A saw Teams Buddha, Sodapoppin, Esfand, and Tectone compete for two available playoff spots, while Group B consisted of Teams Erobb, QTCinderella, Mizkif, and Critikal.

By the end of the group stages, Teams Buddha and Sodapoppin advanced from Group A while Teams Erobb and QTCinderella qualified from Group B. Unfortunately for the other remaining four teams, their journey at OTK Rift ended early.

During the semifinal matchups, Team Buddha faced off against QTCinderella and Team Erobb went against Team Sodapoppin. Despite going undefeated in the Groups Stage, Team Erobb were the first team to drop into the lower bracket bronze consolation match. After Team Buddha defeated Team QTCinderella, the Grand Final matchup between Buddha and Sodapoppin was set.

Before the Grand Finals, Team Erobb found some redemption by defeating Team QTCinderella in the Bronze match. As for the Grand Finals, the only best-of-three series in the tournament went the full distance, where Team Buddha edged out a 2-1 series victory over Team Sodapoppin.

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