What’s new in Call of Duty: Mobile season 3

Season three is bringing new maps, modes, weapons, and more to the game.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season three, called Tokyo Escape, will begin on April 16, and it’s bringing a lot of new content to the game.

Today, Activision revealed what players can expect from the new season, including two new maps, modes, battle royale class, weapons, and more. Here is everything that is coming in CoD: Mobile’s season three.

New Maps


Image via Activision

Oasis is set in a hotel in the desert. It was first introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


Screengrab via Activision

Coastal will be a CODM exclusive and is set in a sea town.

New Modes

Swords and Stones

In this mode, players will be equipped with melee weapons and grenades. On killing enemies, they will get a movement or attack speed boost.

Occasionally, the Shadow Blade operator skill will also airdrop into the map in this mode.

Night Modes

The night modes are returning to CODM with an update. Activision hasn’t revealed what changes have been made exactly.

Players will be equipped with night vision goggles in this mode to fight enemies in the dark.

New Weapons

PP19 Bizon

Image via Activision

The PP19 Bizon submachine gun from Modern Warfare is making its way to mobile. It can be unlocked by all players for free in tier 21 of the free battle pass.


🆕A new pistol is making its way to the next season! ❓Can you guess what it is?  🔜Coming soon to #CODMobile!
Image via Activision

The Renetti is a burst-fire handgun. The gun will release with a seasonal challenge in season three, which players can complete to acquire it for free.

New Operator Skill

Bull Charge

Image via Activision

The Bull Charge is a large shield that covers the players from the front. Players can charge down enemies with it. It will be available at tier 14 of the free battle pass.

New Perk


With this perk, players can increase the charging speed of the operator skill. It will be available for free through a seasonal challenge.

New Battle Royale Class


Image via Activision

The abilities of this class are as follows:

  • Cluster Strike: It deploys a cluster airstrike to a designated area.
  • Fly Swatter (passive): It shows nearby winged enemies and increases the reload speed of the rocket launcher.

It will be available through the “Quick Hands” seasonal challenge in season three.

New Battle Pass

Free tiers

  • Tier 14: Bull Charge operator skill
    Tier 21: PP19 Bizon SMG
  • Other items in the free battle pass are the Samurai Tuna Charm, the Samurai Chop Calling Card, the Severed camo series, and more.

Premium Pass tiers

  • Tier one: Hidora Kai (new operator), Type 25 – Oni, Showdown Calling Card, and the Hannya Charm.
  • Other items in the premium pass are COD Points, the Card Armor camo series, the Way of the Sword emote, and more.