Ultra Unlock Time and Space bonus weeks already unlocked during Pokémon Go Fest 2021

Time and Space have already been achieved.

Image via Niantic

Players have already achieved the second Ultra Unlock bonus just hours after Pokémon Go Fest 2021 became available around the globe. This means that players have already finished the second of several global challenge milestones to unlock another week of Pokémon Go content. 

Players have unlocked two of three Ultra Unlock bonus weeks as trainers worldwide enjoy the Go Fest 2021’s first day. The two bonuses so far are Ultra Unlock Part One: Time and Ultra Unlock Part Two: Space.

In total, this means that players have already completed 16 of the 24 global challenges hosted in the Global Challenge Arena. Ultra Unlock Part One: Time will run from July 23 to Aug. 3 and bring Pokémon from various eras to players around the world, followed by Ultra Unlock Part Two: Space, from Aug. 6 to 17, which will focus on Pokémon from various places. 

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There still aren’t many details available for the Ultra Unlock bonuses. However, the “various places” line from the description could point to players getting access to regional exclusive Pokémon on a global scale. 

The final milestone will be achieved by completing all 24 challenges and will unlock the mysterious third Ultra Unlock bonus, which hasn’t even received a theme yet. All we know right now is that there might be some ring-related shenanigans, thanks to datamines and a mysterious appearance by Hoopa on an updated loading screen.