T1 win first official Wild Rift tournament of 2022

T1 were crowned the champions of the WCK Preseason Invitational.

Photo via Riot Games

The first official tournament for League of Legends: Wild Rift in 2022 has concluded with T1 taking home first place. The Wild Rift Champions Korea (WCK) Preseason Invitational happened from Dec. 27 to Jan. 2 in Seoul, South Korea.

T1 faced KT Rolster in the finals of the WCK Preseason Invitational. This was a repeat of the semifinals of the previous season, where KT beat T1 3-0.

But this time, T1 got their revenge and pulled off a clean sweep to win the series 3-0. They’ll pocket 15 million South Korean won (about $12,550) of the 50 million South Korean won (about $42,000) prize pool.

After being released slowly for different regions around the world since late 2020, Wild Rift esports kicked off in 2021. Several different competitions around the world led to the Horizon Cup in Singapore, where Chinese team DKG beat ThunderTalk Gaming 4-2 in the finals to be crowned the champions in November.

Riot said that 2021 was just a “preseason” for Wild Rift esports. Leo Faria, the lead of esports for the MOBA game, previously said that a “bespoke global competition” will eventually be introduced for Wild Rift. The exact plans for Wild Rift esports in 2022 haven’t been revealed yet.

It was recently announced that the Wild Rift Tour will be returning to Brazil in 2022 with a much bigger format, LAN matches, and a $246,000 prize pool. Other regions are also expected to announce their competitions soon.