T1 signs global partnership with Nike

It will apply to all T1 teams and players, including Faker.

Photo via Riot Games

Nike has entered a partnership with T1, one of the premier esports organizations in the world, the team announced today.

The deal will see T1 players, regardless of game or location, sport Nike footwear and apparel during competitions.

Aside from clothes, Nike’s expertise in the sporting field will translate into training programs that will aid T1 players and the team’s athletic capabilities to boost their gaming prowess. Training facilities will be built at the T1 headquarters based in Seoul, opening in early 2020.

Details remain scarce about what the partnership proposes. After the announcement, fans have been clamoring for more apparel featuring the two brands. While it’s confirmed that T1 players will be decked out in Nike gear, it’s unclear if the new threads will make their way to stores.

This isn’t Nike’s first foray into esports, though. The popular sportswear brand has previously added Royal Never Give Up’s carry player Jian “Uzi” Zihao to LeBron James’ “Dribble &” campaign, signed the entire LPL to a five-year deal worth about $144 million, and a four-year partnership with Brazillian organization FURIA Esports.

We’ll know just how T1’s new uniforms will look when Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and his squad take the LCK stage on Feb. 5.