Shroud surprised after winning a PUBG game out of nowhere

He got a little help from the remaining players.

Photo via DreamHack
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Even though Shroud just returned to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds earlier this week, he clearly doesn’t need help getting wins in the battle royale. But today, he got a little unexpected assistance from opposing players.

Only three players, including Shroud, remained in a game during his stream earlier today. While he was aimlessly running toward his opponents, one of them was killed and the other died shortly after. It resulted in a confused Shroud getting a chicken dinner while he was looking at his phone.

His viewers then explained that both players killed each other. One of them had the time to launch a frag grenade before dying, and that grenade finished off the last opponent. “A frag from the grave? Oh my goodness,” Shroud said.

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Shroud has been playing a lot of Apex Legends and began playing PUBG and his favorite game, CS:GO, again at the beginning of October.

He also tried the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta in September and unsurprisingly dominated that game. He’ll likely play it some more after it’s released on Oct. 25.