Riot, Innersloth officially reveal League of Legends, Among Us crossover

Get the Piltover council together, it's time for an emergency meeting.

Image via Innersloth

After teasing at a potential collaboration earlier this week, Riot Games is teaming up with Innersloth to bring the worlds of League of Legends and Among Us together. 

Starting on Nov. 12, Among Us players will be able to purchase costumes for crewmates that resemble League champions from the new animated series Arcane, including Vi, Jinx, and Heimerdinger. 

Innersloth’s collaborative effort to bring Arcane to Among Us will feature a bundle that includes cosmetic upgrades for several League champions, as well as a Piltover Enforcer. Once a player purchases the Arcane bundle, they’ll be able to unlock League-themed cosmetics through the Arcane Cosmicube. 

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Riot’s collaboration with Innersloth is part of the company’s month-long RiotX Arcane event, which will bring the setting of the show far beyond the in-game universe of League. Thus far, Riot has featured Arcane’s characters in games such as Fortnite and PUBG: Mobile, as well as all five of its in-house titles. 

Among Us’ promotional in-game event for Arcane is set to begin on Nov. 12 and will last through the end of 2021. Arcane is now streaming on Netflix, with three new episodes set to premiere this Saturday, Nov. 13.

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