Riot teases Among Us collab for second act of Arcane

It’s time to push the red button, because Riot’s collaborations are becoming a bit “sus.”

Screengrab via InnerSloth

Riot Games teased a collaboration between its animated show Arcane and Among Us in today’s RiotX Arcane event trailer. In the video, crewmates make a brief appearance wearing accessories from the show.

The collaboration is part of Riot’s week-long Progress Day event, which celebrates the second act of Arcane in honor of the in-show holiday. The trailer shows various partnerships Riot made involving the show—and one of them is a little suspicious.

Riot will partner with Among Us to bring some Arcane-themed accessories to the game, as shown in the trailer. When the collaboration lands, Among Us players will get the chance to engage in tasks looking like an enforcer from Piltover—nothing suspicious about them, for sure—or League‘s Revered Inventor, Heimerdinger. Riot hasn’t revealed more information about the collaboration yet, though, and it’s unclear exactly what’s coming to Among Us when the partnership launches.

Progress Days will be featured in Arcane and outside of the animated series as a cross-game event. From Nov. 7 to Nov. 13, players from all of Riot’s titles will have the chance to obtain exclusive rewards and explore new Arcane-inspired content. 

Summoners from League can get Arcane-themed Capsules and Icons, while for Teamfight Tactics players can get a Legend Egg from the last released set of legends. VALORANT fans will aim at the exclusive Poro Gun Buddy, while Legends of Runeterra players can obtain a Jayce Champion card. Lastly, Wild Rift contenders have the chance to receive 100 Poro coins in their pockets. 

Players from Riot’s games will be rewarded with many exclusive gadgets, and those who enjoy playing Among Us could see their favorite champions as accessories. Though Riot hasn’t specified what items will be added to the game, Jinx’s iconic hairstyle, Vi’s gauntlets or goggles, and possibly a mini Krug as a pet could help celebrate Arcane in Among Us. And if your favorite champion is not part of the collection, don’t be too upset. Just vent it out.

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