Retired LPL pros Uzi and Misaya will star in a Wild Rift reality show

The documentary show will follow the path of six teams as they compete for a single spot at the Wild Rift League.

Photo via Riot Games

Former League of Legends pros, Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao and Yu “Misaya” Jing-Xi will star in a League of Legends: Wild Rift reality show. The show will follow six Wild Rift teams competing for a spot at an upcoming league for the mobile game in China.

The show will be directed by Chinese director Yan Min. The six esports teams will be formed by TJ Sports (conducts the LPL) and Tencent Video, with each of them owned by a popular personality.

The show will serve as one of the qualification tracks to the Wild Rift League (WRL), which is an upcoming premier competition for the game in China. The winner will earn a spot at the WRL. The other two qualification tracks are the LPL qualifier and National Grand Tournament.

While announcing the documentary show, the official Weibo account for the game said that it will tell the stories of the players in each team. It will also convey the passion, glory, and true charm of esports. The documentary will follow the progress of the teams as they compete to earn a spot at the WRL.

So far, two teams in the documentary show have been revealed. These are Ultra Fantastic Gaming (UFG) Esports Club and Surpass All, which are owned by Uzi and Misaya respectively.

UFG Esports Club was formed in July 2021 by Uzi and popular Chinese singer Fan Chengcheng. Surpass All is co-owned by Misaya and League veterans Feng “FZZF” Zhuo-Jun and Wei “CaoMei” Han-Dong along with Chinese actor Luo Yunxi.

A release date for the reality show hasn’t been revealed yet.

The Wild Rift League will begin later this year and run until January 2022. One team from the reality show will lock horns against six teams from the National Grand Tournament and five from the LPL Qualifier in the league.

While information regarding the national tournament hasn’t been revealed yet, the LPL Qualifier will be held from Sept. 11 to 30. It will feature all 17 LPL organizations competing in the mobile game for five spots to the WRL. Adding to the stakes, the winner of the LPL Qualifier will make it to the first-ever Wild Rift World Championship 2021.

League of Legends: Wild Rift still hasn’t been released in China, but a fully-fledged esports plan is already in place. It will finally be released in open beta on Sept. 15. Riot has also announced that registrations for the first open-for-all competition, the City Heroes Tournament, will begin on Sept. 20. The announcement says that teams from here will make it to a qualification tournament, which could be the National Grand Tournament.


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