PUBG Mobile’s patch 1.3 arrives next week with new mode, vehicle

Karakin could also be coming in the upcoming patch.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile’s anticipated 1.3.0 patch is coming next week, PUBG Mobile Japan revealed in a tweet today. It will bring a new mode, vehicle, and weapon to the game, and the Karakin map could also arrive in the upcoming patch.

PUBG Mobile Japan has revealed some of the features coming in patch 1.3. One of these is a new classic-themed mode called Hundred Rhythms. This means that the mode will be playable on the classic Erangel map. It’s still unclear how the mode will work, though.

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Other than this, a new sniper rifle is also coming to PUBG Mobile. The Mosin Nagant will use 7.62mm ammunition and is as powerful as the Kar98K. The gun’s bullets, however, fly faster and lose less damage over distance.

The new vehicle is the Motor Glider which will be the first aerial vehicle to arrive into the classic modes. It is a two-person vehicle and will drop on Erangel and Miramar.

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The update 1.3 information by PUBG Mobile Japan hasn’t revealed the Karakin map. The map could still be coming to the game as it was playable in the 1.3.0 beta last month.

When will PUBG Mobile’s patch 1.3 release?

The patch will release on March 9, according to PUBG Mobile Japan. The global release for the patch should be around the same time as well.

PUBG Mobile’s Royale Pass 18, on the other hand, will begin on March 17.