PS5 owners can now access screengrabs and videos on PS App

Hopefully the new feature returns to iOS soon.

Image via Sony

PlayStation 5 players have a new way to access the recordings and screengrabs from their consoles on the PS App, providing an easier way to access their content. 

Recording videos or taking screengrabs on the PS5 is a great way to preserve exciting moments or clips. Accessing these videos or images on a mobile device makes it easier to share with friends or followers—and a new update has answered the prayers of fans everywhere. 

IGN senior editor Jonathon Dornbush posted a screengrab of the new feature, showing how users can enable it to upload their captures to the PS App automatically. The recordings are only available for 14 days, but this is still a great way to see or access your content away from your console.

Dornbush followed up earlier today, explaining that the feature disappeared from his device and didn’t reappear when capturing on his PS5. Others echoed this, explaining how the feature was also removed from their iOS devices. But Android users reported the feature is still available on their app, meaning it will likely return to iOS soon. 

The captures only being available for two weeks in the PS App is slightly limiting, but it’s a decent start. The feature isn’t supported for the PS4, although this might be added in a future update. Many fans likely hope the option to access recordings and screengrabs returns for all users soon since it’s an exciting quality-of-life update.