Pokémon UNITE Patch adds Hoopa, Quick Match map updates

Hoopa is here, along with some important map changes for Quick matches.

Image via TiMi Studio

Most of the bigger updates for Pokémon UNITE involve multiple key changes to various playable Pokémon in the game, but with the version update, only two Pokémon were actually changed. 

In a previous announcement, TiMi Studios specifically noted that it would be changing a few gameplay elements for Aegislash and one move for Decidueye, all revolving around them not working as intended rather than for the sake of balance. 

Instead, version focuses on reworking core aspects of the game’s maps, including changing Exp. Points earned by Pokémon that are trailing in levels compared to other players in the battle and spawns for various wild Pokémon. Along with adding in Hoopa as the game’s newest playable Pokémon and several new events.

Players who mainly play Ranked or Standard matches will see little to no change in their gameplay. If you are one of the players who dive deep into Quick matches and tries to complete every challenge the game has to offer, however, you will be feasting with this update. 

For Shivre City, wild Pokémon will give more Aeos energy when defeated and Auroma Park has finally fixed its Abra problem, decreasing the amount of time it will take the Psychic-types to spawn on the map and making it drop more Aeos Energy too. 

Mer Stadium received the most changes, with the first Zapdos now spawning later in the battle, wild Aipom having their stats increased, and making it so wild Audino will now appear on the map even after the first goal zone is destroyed. 

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Across all three maps, TiMi has reworked how fast Pokémon who are trailing in Exp. will gain levels and adjusted the amount of Aeos Energy dropped by opposing Pokémon when knocked out. This was likely in response to how one-sided some Quick matches can feel if a teammate falls behind and is then singled out as a target.

In general, this update has also made Hoopa, giving players a new Supporter to play with and several new events like the Hoopa Special event and Pokémon Day celebration to participate in. You can even unlock Hoopa’s Unite License by simply completing tasks during the events. 

Some elements of the user interface have also been updated, with the Events tab now including separate sections for Featured and Daily events, something that players have been asking for as more in-game content has flooded the menus.

There is also a discount on the new Special Style: Hoopa Holowear at Zirco’s Trading too, which will end alongside the Hoopa Special event on March 14.