Aegislash, Decidueye fixes coming to Pokémon UNITE on Feb. 24

An update is dropping, with more news potentially on the way.

Image via TiMi Studio

We already knew an announcement was coming for Pokémon UNITE on Feb. 24 as part of the lead-up to Pokémon Day, but TiMi Studio has now given players some details on what will be included in a patch going live around the same time. 

Effective Feb. 24, multiple small fixes will be pushed live for Aegislash, along with one update for Decidueye. 

Aegislash, the game’s newest Pokémon, is a Melee All-Rounder that can deal heavy damage in its Blade Forme or tank hits and buff itself with its Shield Forme. But a few bugs have impacted the Pokémon’s performance and player experience since it launched on Feb. 14. 

In this next patch, the developers are fixing an issue regarding Aegislash’s Boosted Attack in Blade Forme, though no further details about that were given in the post. This could be pointing to instances of the Boosted Attack simply not activating, which several players have reported

Additionally, Aegislash’s UNITE move can occasionally cause players’ game display to darken when used. This is also being fixed and will likely include some other small changes to the UNITE move, Coup de Grace. 

Decidueye’s Leaf Storm was also listed in the post, noting that the move may not even activate “at certain distances.” This likely means TiMi intended for the move to have slightly more range than it does already and the devs could be adjusting the move’s activation requirements as needed. 

Just because this post makes the patch seem like a hotfix, it doesn’t mean a larger patch won’t end up going live that includes these changes. Aegislash’s release earlier this month did not include a bigger balance patch, so the timing lines up for one dropping on Feb. 24, along with a new Pokémon announcement.