Players are sharing positive first impressions for Pokémon Unite as new beta begins

Outside of some performance issues, people seem to like the game.

Image via The Pokémon Company

A new beta for Pokémon Unite is live in Canada, and players have had mostly positive responses after spending some time with the game. 

Unite is a free-to-start game MOBA that will be release on Mobile and Nintendo Switch, but up until this point, we have only seen brief updates from the developers at TiMi Studios and The Pokémon Company. 

This beta is the first time the game has been playable on a large scale outside of a few other betas that ran in China. And despite being announced more than nine months ago to an immense wave of negativity from the Pokémon community, we still don’t know much about the game outside of what has been shown in leaks from those betas. 

But as players finally got to download and play the game, the lack of information and initial negative response have faded away, with most first impressions being very positive

In the nearly 12 hours since it first rolled out, players have generally been impressed with how polished and addicting the gameplay is. Most users who got into the early access have played multiple matches and enjoyed their time with it. 

Some common complaints seem to be centered around performance issues, especially in regards to load times. Those performance problems could simply be attributed to the game still being in beta and running for the first time outside of China, or potential issues being caused by a user’s device.

The original requirements for the beta said users would need at least 3 GB of RAM and have Android Version 5.0+ installed, but TPC also noted Unite could experience issues or fail to run on “certain devices even if they have compatible OS versions installed.”

We won’t know for sure until the game releases in full, but it appears the majority of beta players are enjoying their time with Unite

As of now, the beta is only open to players in Canada and there is no information on when other regions will be getting a chance to play Unite, or when it could be available on iOS or Nintendo Switch for future betas. In short, if you don’t have an Android device and live in Canada you won’t be able to play Unite at the moment. 

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We won’t be seeing much about this beta either since taking pictures and video is forbidden through the game’s Terms of Service in this form. 

Any captured footage or images get instantly watermarked with your in-game user ID, so sharing it will lead to your account being banned from accessing the game, though that hasn’t stopped some players from uploading to YouTube and various social media.