Pentanet.GG finish first in 2021 LCO Spring Split

The team almost went undefeated in the Spring Split.

Image via Riot Games

The League of Legends Circuit Oceania has an uncontested front-runner for an MSI and Worlds invitation.

Pentanet.GG have secured the first seed heading into the 2021 LCO Spring Split playoffs with an astounding regular split record of 13-1. The team, comprised mainly of veterans, came into the season as heavy favorites to take it all and remain unchallenged as of yet.

The team went undefeated for 13-straight matches before finally tasting defeat in the final match of the split. PGG didn’t seem to be too concerned about potentially having a perfect split and instead first-picked Amumu in their loss. The squad thus leaned into pre-match banter on Twitter where the team’s players joked about picking the off-meta champion.

The match also featured a Vayne pick in the top lane and a Shaco in the jungle. It could only be described as a typical OCE game: Scrappy and messy.

Pentanet.GG were so dominant throughout the 2021 LCO Spring Split that the top six league leaders in the KDA stat include the five starters from PGG, according to Oracle’s Elixir. Nearly every other statistic tells the same story.

Regardless of how dominant they were in the regular season, though, the team now has to compete in a double-elimination playoff bracket where the winner will qualify for the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational, which is set to be held in Reykjavik, Iceland in May.

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