Niantic confirms shiny Dialga, shiny Palkia, and more for Ultra Unlock Time and Space bonus weeks

You can expect some dimensional mischief at the end, too.

Image via Niantic

Niantic revealed earlier today that shiny Dialga is coming to Pokémon Go during the first Ultra Unlock bonus week. And now, the developers have confirmed all of the special spawns that will be added to the game for both the Time and Space weeks. 

Starting with Ultra Unlock Part One: Time from July 23 to Aug. 3, players will see shiny Dialga become available for the first time, alongside shiny Cranidos and shiny Shieldon. Other Pokémon like Golurk, Porygon, Magneton, and Aerodactyl will also be spawning throughout the event in raids or the wild. 

All of the fossil Pokémon available in Pokémon Go will be hatching from seven-kilometer eggs, too. 

For Ultra Unlock Part Two: Space, the focus will shift to Pokémon from different areas. Shiny Palkia, shiny Heracross, and shiny Kangaskhan will be available. 

This Ultra Unlock bonus will run from Aug. 6 to 17, with other Pokémon like East Sea Shellos, Elgyem, Espurr, Munna, Red-Striped and Blue-Striped Basculin, Elgyem, Heatmor, Durant, and more appearing worldwide. Many of them will also be hatching from seven-kilometer eggs, too. 

Both events will have Timed Research running, with different rewards themed around their respective motif.

Niantic is still remaining tight-lipped about the third and final Ultra Unlock bonus that was unlocked during Pokémon Go Fest 2021. But this update was one of the only times the devs mentioned Hoopa directly in line with the bonus content, so it’s very likely the Mythical Pokémon will be involved in some form.