MLG’s Twitch channel banned after hackers seize account

The account will likely be unbanned soon.

Photo via MLG

Major League Gaming’s official Twitch account has been suspended after hackers took control of the account earlier today. 

The account was broadcasting earlier today when hackers started to display pornographic material. The staff attempted to remove the broadcast by switching scenes but the material didn’t stop until the account was banned, according to several viewers

The account received its first ban earlier today following the raid. Considering the account was hacked rather than wrongdoing from the account or staff itself, MLG will likely be unbanned from Twitch shortly. MLG’s other social medias were unaffected during the hack and MLG’s website is using its own media player to stream the Call of Duty league.

The pornographic material was displayed to a wide audience before it was shut down. There were over one thousand viewers when the hackers raided the account and was live for around an hour, according to TwitchTracker. MLG’s official Twitch account has amassed nearly 800,000 total followers and nearly 50 million views. 

Since the initial spike in 2017, MLG has been slowly losing followers on Twitch because its main titles have become exclusive elsewhere. MLG isn’t streaming the Call of Duty or Overwatch league on its Twitch account, although both are featured on the official website because MLG has been owned by Activision Blizzard since 2016. Fans of the Call of Duty league can watch the Atlanta homestand on YouTube from Feb. 22 to Feb. 23.

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