How to use PUBG Mobile’s Over the Shoulder (OTS) shooting mode

The new option for improving players' accuracy.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

PUBG Mobile’s patch 1.4 has introduced a lot of new features to the game. One of these is the Over the Shoulder (OTS) shooting mode which adds a new aiming mechanic to the battle royale title.

The OTS mode can be switched on or off through the settings in PUBG Mobile. When it’s on, players will be able to see a new icon in the control menu. Like all other buttons in the game, players can customize the layout of the controls to position the OTS icon in any part of the screen.

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The OTS button works like the normal ADS and is only available in a third-person perspective. On clicking it, the camera will zoom by the character’s shoulder. This will give a better aiming accuracy to players. The character’s movement in the OTS mode will be considerably slower, however.

The new OTS mode will be very useful in close to medium-range fights. Instead of hip-firing blindly, players can use the OTS mode to have a better aiming accuracy.

Screengrab via Tencent

Other than the new shooting mode, PUBG Mobile’s patch 1.4 has brought the Titan Strike mode in a collaboration with the sci-fi film Godzilla vs. Kong and the new Coupe RB sports car. A new arena map, called Hangar, will also be joining the game on June 1.