PUBG Mobile patch notes 1.4: New modes, vehicle, arena map, and more

Godzilla and Kong are ascending into the maps of the battle royale game.

Image via PUBG Corporation

PUBG Mobile’s patch 1.4 is almost here. The new update will be bringing a new Royale Pass, vehicle, modes, and more to the game.

The update will be released on May 11 and the servers won’t be taken offline for it. It will require about 660 MB of storage on Android devices while the iOS version will need 1.67GB. If players update the game before May 16, they will receive 2,888 BP, 100 AG, and the Banana Bonanza for three days.

Here are the complete patch notes for PUBG Mobile’s patch 1.4.

New Modes

New mode: Titan Strikes

Image via Tencent
  • As part of PUBG Mobile’s collaboration with the movie Godzilla vs. Kong, several titans from it are arriving into the game. These will release on different maps as follows:
    • Erangel: May 11
    • Sanhok: May 15
    • Livik: May 20
  • The event will end on June 8.

Characteristics of the titans

  • An entrance will appear on the map once the new mode is available. Players can select the entrance to start the gameplay.
  • In this mode, players will first be able to see the titans on the Spawn Island.
  • Once the match begins, the Titan will start moving along a random path across the map and interact with the newly added camps and monster settlements.
  • You can explore these new elements which includes the camps of the Apex Expeditionary Army, monster settlements, and Titan Crystals.
Image via Tencent
  • When a Titan runs across a monster settlement, it will squish underground monsters at its feet.
  • The Titans do not have fond memories of the Apex Expeditionary Army and will destroy all Apex camps as they make their way across the camp.
  • The titans won’t attack players. They may launch an attack, however, if there are too many players at a specific location.
Image via Tencent

Gifts from the Titans

  • Titans gradually absorb energy emanating from the earth. Once the energy reaches a certain threshold, the Titans release it and create Titan Crystals around them. Different types of Titan Crystals have different effects.
  • Erangel Titan Crystal: A special throwable item that knocks back enemies and burns them.
  • Sanhok Titan Crystal: A special crystal that enhances the player’s abilities, such as running speed and jumping height.
  • Livik Titan Crystal: An item that can be used to detect enemies in the vicinity for a brief period.

Apex Camps

  • The camps of the Apex Expeditionary Army hold a wealth of supplies.
  • Players can enter and collect these supplies after a Titan has destroyed the camp.

Monster Settlements

  • Monsters that have been living underground are drawn to the surface by the energy radiated by the Titans.
  • They are hostile and will attack players who stray too close.
  • Defeating these monsters could yield useful resources and rewards.

The Livik Titan

  • The Titan on Livik has unique electromagnetic abilities that affect the Blue Zone and cause it to shift every once in a while.
  • The Titan’s electromagnetic energy forms a special scan circle that the player can enter to collect Titan Crystals.
  • The location of players will be exposed on doing so.

New mode: Titan Last Stand

  • It will last from May 25 to June 8.
  • The Monarch Expeditionary Team boarded an aircraft carrier in search of traces of Godzilla in the sea. They get caught up in a battle between titans.
  • A helicopter will appear in the Lobby UI. Players can tap on this to start playing the Titan Last Stand mode.
  • Points earned during the event can be used to exchange for event rewards.

New mode: Microcosm

  • It will last from June 9 to July 5.
  • Players will be able to transform into a mini Insectoid in this mode which happens on Erangel. The Insectoid can fly and travel through wormholes.

How to play the Microcosm mode?

  • Five labs will appear on Erangel, each with multiple interactive facilities. Interact with the labs’ Quantum Transformation Device to miniaturize yourself and become an Insectoid which can fly at a low altitude.
  • After transforming into an Insectoid, players will receive a special Insectoid weapon that allows them to engage in battle with other Insectoids. While Insectoids cannot be hurt by ordinary ammo, they can still take damage from Pans.
  • Insectoids have a special visual ability that allows them to see the Luminators scattered throughout the map. Collect Luminators and exchange them in the Energy Store for combat supplies, or use them to open a wormhole to travel from one lab to another.

Lab Facilities

  • Quantum Transformation Device: Players can use this device to transform into an Insectoid or go back to normal size.
  • Energy Store: Exchange Luminators for combat supplies here.
  • Wormhole Device: Players can use their Luminators to open a wormhole and use it to travel from one lab to another.

New Arena Map: The Hangar

  • It will be available from June 1.
  • The new map is set in a huge ship floating on the ocean.
  • Supported modes: Team Deathmatch, Arena Training, and Team Gun Game.
    • Team Deathmatch: Unlimited respawns. Eliminating enemies rewards players +1 point, and the first team to eliminate the target number of enemies wins.
    • Arena Training: Players can freely select weapons from the Spawn Point without having to set up a Loadout.
    • Team Gun Game: All players start with the same weapons, which can be upgraded by eliminating opponents. The winner is the first team to eliminate the opponent with the ultimate weapon, the Pan, or the team with the highest score when the countdown ends.

Other Map Improvements

  • After the update, Metro Royal and Power Armor modes will be taken offline for refinements and will return at a later date.

New Vehicle: Coupe RB

Image via Tencent
  • The Coupe RB is a two-seater sports car.
  • On release, it will be one of the fastest vehicles available in the battle royale mode and can hit over 150 km/h.
  • The Coupe RB will be available on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Livik.

New shooting mode: OTS (Over The Shoulder)

Image via Tencent
  • A new combat option: OTS. Hit the OTS button to enter OTS.
  • When using OTS, higher accuracy comes with the cost of movement.
  • The OTS button can be fully customized, and the sensitivity can be set separately.
  • OTS can be toggled on or off in System settings.

Optimization and Adjustments

M249 Optimization

  • The M249’s appearance has been updated, and its stats have been adjusted.
  • The M249’s rate of fire and damage have been slightly reduced. Its recoil has been increased, and its magazine capacity has been reduced from 100 to 75.
  • New magazine and stock attachments have been added, which can be equipped to increase the M249’s reload speed and capacity. With the increased magazine capacity, it can hold up to 150 rounds.
  • The M249 can also be equipped with a Tact Stock to help control recoil and improve stability.

Pistol balance adjustments

  • Slightly increased the headshot multiplier of all pistols.
  • Greatly increased damage multiplier of all pistols for hitting arms/legs.
  • Increased the R1895’s damage, and greatly increased its rate of fire.
  • Increased the damage of the R45 and P1911.
  • Slightly increased the P92’s damage, and greatly increased its rate of fire.
  • Slightly increased the Desert Eagle’s rate of fire.

Sniper rifle scopes crosshair offset calibration

  • Updated marksman rifles, improved the scope’s cross-hair calibration by reducing the aiming crosshair drift.

Game performance and other improvements

Basic performance improvements

  • Updated character creation to reduce lag.
  • Updated the backpack to reduce lag when opening it.
  • Updated vehicles to reduce lag during entry/exit.
  • Updated GC strategy to reduce lag.
  • Updated terrain LOD and cropping to increase overall frame rate.
  • Updated the sky and water to increase overall frame rate.
  • Updated character rendering to improve frame rate and crowd rendering.
  • OPPO devices now support displaying Spawn Island countdown in the background and returning to the game.
  • Fixed the occasional startup crashes for iOS 1G devices.

Security zone

In the new version, there are more incentives for investigators to use the Video Review feature in the Security Zone. Players who obtain the Master Investigator rank will receive the permanent Elite Investigator title. They can enter the battlefield with this title to display their achievements.

Video Reviews have also undergone an upgrade. There is new content waiting for players, and the team of Investigators will continue to expand.

Security improvements

  • Improved safety detection for the All-Talent Championship, whereby inspections and penalties will be adjusted dynamically to meet different online situations.
  • Enhanced the identification of different cheating behaviors, such as auto-aiming, perspective-changing, and grass removal.
  • Continued to expand the Investigator teams and recruited retired Esport players to join Investigator teams to improve judgment accuracy in controversial cases.

Achievement upgrade

Achievement UI has been upgraded, and Hidden Achievements have been added. Hidden Achievements are obtained once their conditions are met.

  • Added the Legacy Achievements system; Players will not lose Legacy Achievements that they have already unlocked, however, Legacy Achievements will no longer be obtainable after they are removed.
  • Added competitive gameplay; players can now compete with friends for achievements.
  • Added new Godzilla/Microcosm Gameplay, Hidden Achievements, and Moments-related Achievements.

Message manager upgrade

  • Players can directly view new Shop and Supplies content in Message Manager.
  • The message count display has also been upgraded.

Synergy upgrade

Synergy can now be displayed on player information cards for players in Teams and on the Match Results page. Players can customize which kind of Synergy they want to display first. If the player does not specify a preference, their teammates with the highest Synergy will be displayed first.

BP gifts will be upgraded to a gift of higher value for Synergy Connections.

Tier upgrade

  • Rewards have been added for Tiers. Players can now receive rewards immediately upon reaching a Tier
  • The Tier Display has been upgraded to accentuate the sense of accomplishment for reaching new Tiers.

All-Talent championship upgrade

  • Participating in the All-Talent Championship will now be counted towards completing Daily Mission Combat Missions.

More new content

Royale Pass S19: Traverse

It will start on May 17.

  • Traverse to the Microcosm for your new Season: Insect Queen-Mini14 and Wonderland-AKM will be up for grabs, and players can choose between the Insect Queen Set or General Beetle Set, worth over 30,000 UC.
  • Choose a Faction and open a RP 3rd Anniversary Custom Crate: 6 special weapons from past seasons are back, so BANPICK your crate.
  • RP File is here, so show other players your progress and rewards from earlier seasons.
  • Lots more RP badges. Keep buying RP to unlock them, with more exclusive perks to come.
  • In the exploration event, players can choose one of two level 100 sets. There’s also Wonderland Motorcycle and the Beetle General Thompson SMG up for grabs. Players can purchase event gift packs for quick level gains and then collect mission activity points to get all their UC back.
  • New mission content and new season content have been added, bugs have been fixed, and upgrades have been made.

Improvements to Cheer Park

  • A new graffiti wall has been added, and the Ferris Wheel has been upgraded so that it now rotates automatically.
  • Three guns, the MK12, M1014 and Famas have been added to the Training Grounds and Cheer Park.
  • Emote/Bubble Lucky Spin in Cheer Park have been updated. Both can now be previewed via the Emote Menu.
  • The volume for firearms shots in Cheer Park has been adjusted.
  • A report option has been added to the interaction sphere.

In-match like feature

  • You can like your teammate’s gameplay in-game.
  • This function can be turned off in the settings.

New friends features

  • New social feature: Players can now access Friend Moments from Personal Space. They can post/share statuses that only their friends can see.
  • Friend status: Players can interact with their friends by liking or commenting on their status updates.
  • Popular statuses: Players are notified of the most popular statuses in their Friend Moments, making sure they remain updated with what’s trending.
  • In-game album: A new album feature has been added. Players can now store in-game screenshots in the album.

Customizable Online Status Messages

  • New “Free”, “Busy,” and “Invisible” online status options can be set in the Friends sidebar.
  • Status can only be set to invisible for three days a week.