How to grind Aeos Coins in Pokémon UNITE

Gotta get that money.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Like any proper Pokémon trainer, your goal should be collecting as many Pokémon as humanly possible. And like in any MOBA, from day one your goal should be unlocking as many playable characters as possible, so you can fully experiment with everyone and find your favorites.

Naturally, when Pokémon and MOBA combine, like they have in the newly released Pokémon UNITE, the goals are one in the same. To unlock playable Pokémon in Pokémon UNITE, you will need to acquire that Pokémon’s license. You’ll earn a couple licenses in the beginning just by playing, and even get a Zeraora license in the mail, but you’ll need to purchase most of them with Aeos Coins, or gold.

Time is money, so let’s not waste any more time and give you the info you need to get more Aeos Coins.

How to grind Aeos Coins (gold) in Pokémon UNITE

Unsurprisingly, you’ll earn the majority of your Aeos Coins just by playing the game, but there are certain steps you can take to make your time spent playing more efficient. First, take the time to complete all six tutorial steps. Each step rewards a few hundred Aeos Coins, and you’ll earn some extra coins from the Beginner Challenge by completing all the tutorial steps.

The Beginner Challenge is your next step towards raking in the money. You can earn 500 Aeos Coins in the first day of the Beginner Challenge obtaining three UNITE licenses. But instead of spending some of the coins you’ve already earned to accomplish this, you can actually obtain exactly three licenses without spending any money. At the end of your first tutorial battle, you’re given a free license, choosing one of five starter Pokémon. Then your Trainer Level will raise, rewarding you with another license, for Slowpoke. And remember that free Zeraora license in the mail? If you play the game early, you can receive that license in the mail to get your third license.

The Beginner Challenge has new tasks to complete each day, with most of them rewarding you a healthy amount of Aeos Coins. There are also missions in the Events tab you can complete for coins, and you can continue upgrading your Trainer level. Just playing normal games should progress missions in all of these categories, and you’ll have plenty of coins in no time.

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