How to catch Shiny Vulpix in Pokémon Go

It shines bright like a diamond.

Image via Niantic

Completing the Pokédex is the ultimate goal of many trainers around the world. It’s one of the keys to become the very best, but it’s possible to go beyond that. Collecting Shiny Pokémon will allow you to take that next step as a trainer in Pokémon Go, adding value to your collection.

While capturing regular Pokémon is almost a reflex for most trainers, catching Shiny Pokémon won’t be that easy. Shiny Pokémon appear a lot less frequently in the wild. Though they’re relatively more difficult to come by, Niantic increases their spawn rates from time to time, especially during seasonal events. Vulpix’s spawn rate was considerably increased during the 2020 Autumn Event, helping trainers secure multiples to stock up on Vulpix candy.

Keep an eye on Pokémon Go’s social media for future events, and don’t worry since you can still capture a Shiny Vulpix.

How can you catch a Shiny Vulpix in Pokémon Go?

Image via Niantic

Though you may have missed the 2020 Autumn Event, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be other events that will also increase Vulpix’s spawn rate in the wild. Each event increases the spawn rate of many Pokémon.

If there isn’t an on-going event, you’ll still be able to find a Shiny Vulpix, only with lower odds. You can continue to play the game like you usually do while ensuring you capture every Vulpix that appears in the wild.

Searching for Vulpix nests in your area can be a decent idea if you’re looking to capture that Shiny Vulpix as soon as possible. If there doesn’t seem to be any data around where you live, you may want to visit parts of your city that could be housing more Vulpix.

Vulpix has a higher spawn rate in cities, residential areas, and beaches. Dropping a lure around a Pokéstop that’s close to one of these landmarks might be a beneficial strategy to farm experience while you’re after your Shiny Vulpix.

A Shiny Vulpix will look noticeably different than a regular one, featuring more vibrant colors alongside a slightly different color palette. If you notice that one odd-looking Vulpix, make sure to prepare your best fruits and Poké Balls to bring it home.