Hardcore mode set to arrive in Call of Duty: Mobile on Sept. 25

Season 10 keeps getting better.

Image via Activision

Things are set to heat up in season 10 of Call of Duty: Mobile, The Hunt. Activision announced today that the Hardcore mode will be coming to the game on Sept. 25.

As the name suggests, the mode is really hardcore. Players will deal higher damage, have lower health, and won’t regenerate health. If that wasn’t enough, friendly fire will also be enabled.

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The Hardcore mode was present in the CODM public test build in July. The mode is realistic since players have to watch out for enemies and make sure that allies don’t get caught in the line of fire.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season 10 will also be bringing the Headquarters mode where players have to capture a location and defend it to earn points. There’s a catch, however. The team that captures the headquarters won’t respawn for as long as it’s captured.

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Other than the two new modes, two maps will arrive in The Hunt as well: Terminal and the Pine map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. While all the classic modes will likely be playable on Terminal, only the one-vs-one and two-vs-two Gunfight modes can be played on the tiny Pine map.

Season 10 will begin later this week and will last for about a month. Call of Duty: Mobile’s first anniversary on Oct. 1 will be celebrated during this season. Activision previously said that the game will receive “significant” content to mark its first anniversary.