When will Call of Duty: Mobile season 9 end?

The season introduced one of the biggest content updates to ever drop into the game.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season nine, called Conquest, is about to end.

The season will end on Aug. 9, according to an in-game banner. Activision usually uses times in UTC, so adjusting this for the time difference, it should end on Aug. 8 at 7pm CT.

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Call of Duty: Mobile’s season nine update was one of the biggest to drop into the game. It completely shook up the meta with the introduction of the Gunsmith system that allowed players to make complex customizations to weapons. The Gunsmith was launched along with 50 new attachments and 20 reticles.

Other than this, a lot of changes were made to the battle royale mode as well. This includes the introduction of armor plates, gun mods, and new locations to the Isolated map. The Gunsmith was added to the battle royale mode too. Players can now go to an airdrop while playing a match to obtain a gun which they’ve pre-customized in the battle royale Gunsmith.

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The fast-paced 10-vs-10 modes also dropped into CODM in this season. Shipment 1944 from Call of Duty: WWII was the new map in the ninth season.

Season 10 of CODM will begin soon after the ninth season ends. Activision has been teasing upcoming features with the next season for the past few days. So far, the Terminal map and Headquarters mode have been confirmed. The tiny Pine map could also be coming in the next season.