H2k with kaSing has won 17 out of 20 regular split games (best in West) |STATS|

kaSing joined H2k-Gaming before Week 4 of Spring split. Here are the stats of regular split games since that date.

kaSing joined H2k-Gaming before Week 4 of Spring split. Here are the stats of regular split games since that date. In NA highest rated teams are around 68% (CLG and TSM with 13/19):



Win Ratio

Win %

1 H2k-Gaming 17/20 85%
2 Fnatic 16/20 80%
3 Gambit Gaming 12/20 60%
4 SK Gaming 11/20 55%
5 Unicorns of Love 10/20 50%
6 Copenhagen Wolves 7/20 35%
. GIANTS Gaming 7/20 35%
8 Elements 5/20 25%
. Team ROCCAT 5/20 25%
_ _________________ _______ ______
  Origen 6/8 75%
  MeetYourMakers 4/12 33%

p/g = per game

KDA Voidle = with Voidle as support

KDA kaSing = with kaSing as support


K/D/A Voidle p/g

KDA Voidle

K/D/A kaSing p/g

KDA kaSing

Hjarnan 3.33/2.33/5.83 3.93 5.45/1.35/6.15 8.59
kaSing —————— ——— 1.30/1.75/10.90 6.97
loulex 2.83/3.83/7.50 2.69 1.85/1.90/8.45 5.42
Odoamne 2.33/3.33/6.16 2.55 3.10/2.15/8.05 5.19
Ryu 3.50/2.83/4.67 2.82 4.40/1.65/5.65 6.09
Voidle 1.00/4.00/6.00 1.75 —————— ———

What’s the most impressive about H2k-Gaming is their numbers. They use Odoamne as 3rd DMG threat in the recent matches and in the meantime 2 main engage players: kaSing and loulex have less than 2 deaths per game. Hjarnan had 5/17 perfect games (0 deaths), 6/17 (1 death) and 6/17 (2 deaths). In their wins he didn’t has a game with more than 2 deaths. The second important fact is that we can clearly see why they lost this 3 games:

lose versus Elements: it was first patch with Cinderhulk and loulex didn’t adapt it (run Warrior Rek’Sai and was completly useless).

lose versus Fnatic: it was first and only time they run Caitlyn + Nunu. I think they wanted to test it or something like that. Bottom lane of H2k went 0-11 that game.

lose versus Origen: loulex is not Sejuani player (he didn’t play her single time LCS regular split, the only time he did was in the playoffs) and Origen abused that. They banned Rek’sai and went for Gragas which forced loulex on Evelynn. He went 1-8-2.

Hjarnan champ Games K/D/A KDA
Sivir 8-1 52/11/63 10.45
Sivir (without loulex on Eve) 8-0 49/7/61 15.71
Jinx 3-0 19/3/18 15.33
Kalista 3-0 20/3/26 12.33
Other ADC (Corki/Kog/Graves/Cait) 3-2 18/10/16 3.40

Loulex in this 20 games was really better player than before. He has impressive 8.70 KDA on Rek’Sai if we do not count Warrior game, he is also around 6.50 on Gragas. He played 4 bad games after kaSing join the team: 2 on Nunu (1 lose, 1 win versus MYM after long game), 1 on Evelynn and 1 on Warrior Rek’Sai. If he plays the main engage (even on Lee Sin or J4 when he is tanky) he is a great player. About the kaSing he can play every support right now… his most impressive is Thresh with 9 games. If we do not count a lose versus Elements kaSing played Thresh 8 times…. with 12.556 KDA and 1 death per game. You can’t ban him out – it’s not about kaSing running engage – H2k in their comps always go with 2 engage champs and thats the most important aspect.

Bans versus H2k Nr. of bans %
Sivir 6/20 30%
Kalista 5/20 25%
Rek’Sai 5/20 25%
Maokai 5/20 25%
Thresh 4/20 20%
Annie 4/20 20%
Midlane (Zed, LeBlanc, Ahri, Fizz) 11/20 55%
Toplane (Gnar, Rumble, Liss,Ryze) 12/20 60%
Useless bans (Ashe, Morgana, Lulu, Nida, J4, Irelia) 7/20 35%

What I think other teams do wrong versus H2k-Gaming is ban phase. It’s so useless to target Ryu because he can play everything and 11 out of 60 bans were forced on him. I think there is also no point of banning only 1 champion of loulex. I also do not understand of banning Thresh or Annie. If you want to throw out engage possibility on kaSing you need to ban both of them and then try to pick Alistar. The best ways to beat H2k-Gaming in pick and ban phase right now are:

  1. Banning out kaSing – ban Annie, Thresh and pick Alistar. Force him on disengage support.
  2. Banning out loulex – ban Rek’Sai/Gragas, pick other and force him on assassin jungler.
  3. Force Hjarnan out of his comfort zone, ban Jinx/Sivir and pick Kalista.
  4. Ban Gnar/Maokai/Rumble and try to babysit toplane.

I really think that H2k is right now around top team in the world while using Sivir comp and teams allow them to do so most of the time. You can’t ban everyone versus H2k-Gaming. Target bans is what you need.

TL/DR: H2k-Gaming is best team in the West in best-of-one, stats after kaSing join the team, impressive KDAs, teams ban wrong versus them, reasons why H2k lost their games.