G2 Jankos criticizes Nautilus’ broken Q hitbox in League of Legends

“This champ’s just too broken.”

Image via Riot Games

It’s no secret that Nautilus has been on the receiving end of many players’ ire. And now, that anger extends to League of Legends pro Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski.

The G2 Esports jungler ripped into the Titan of the Depths during his Twitch broadcast today. Even though the Nautilus was on his team, Jankos couldn’t help but criticize the champion’s broken hook hitbox.

“Do you guys see that hook?” the Polish pro yelled. “It should never hit. But this champ’s just too broken.”

The Nautilus began the bot lane tower dive with a Hexflash to close the gap and a Dredge Line (Q) to hook the enemy Kai’Sa. Even though the anchor appeared to hit the turret, which the opposing ADC was hiding behind, it instead caught the unsuspecting markswoman. This started a stun-lock sequence that ended with Kai’Sa viewing the aftermath from the gray screen.

League fans have long complained of Nautilus, who’s become a top-tier support through a broken hitbox on his Q and his ability to stun lock for a long period of time.

Another video provides further insight on how inaccurate Nautilus’ anchor is. The Syndra is clearly behind a wall and far away from the hook’s projectile, yet it still hits. His ability to stun a champion by auto attacking also provides little counterplay.

But with no changes coming to Naut in Patch 9.24b, fans may have to wait a little longer before his domination in the bot lane is curbed.