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Where to find a huge rubber ducky for Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer challenge

Good luck trying to find it.

Screengrab via Epic Games

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Many Fortnite players are dedicated to completing all of the 14 Days of Summer challenges. Those who have been logging in daily to complete these tasks may have noticed that a few of them send you back to places you’ve visited in other challenges, like the clown boards from day 11 being near beach parties from day one.

Today’s challenge does something similar but with a twist. Players have to revisit one of the six giant beach umbrellas from day eight, but they have to visit a giant rubber ducky in the same match. Visiting one in a match and the other in the following one won’t let them complete the task and earn the reward.

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The issue is that the giant rubber ducky is at different locations every match. Even though its location is set at random, it's limited to the river that crosses the whole Fortnite island, starting north of Lazy Lagoon and going all the way down through Loot Lake, Neo Tilted, near Fatal Fields, and west of Lucky Landing. That’s where players should look for the rubber ducky.

The rubber ducky is huge and is easy to spot when you’re gliding over the river. Just make sure to pay attention to that area to locate it before your opponents get there with weapons to eliminate you.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Like any other Fortnite challenge, players can complete this one in default and limited-time game modes, including those from the 14 Days of Summer rotation. You just won’t get credit if you do it in Playground or any Creative island.

After you visit a giant beach umbrella and the rubber ducky, you’ll earn a ducky reward for your Locker.