Execute secure slot in PUBG Mobile Global Championship despite bug causing loss of kill point

After an investigation by Tencent, one more point was given to Execute, pushing them to third in the overall standings.

Image via Tencent

Execute will be the third representative from the Americas at the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) season zero, Tencent announced today.

When the results of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Americas season two were announced, Execute were sitting at fourth in the overall standings, tied with Alpha7 Esports at 156 points. Alpha7 got the third place and the final slot to the PMGC due to a higher number of kills, though.

Execute’s Kevin “ZooTay” Huang later revealed in a tweet one of his kills did not register because of a bug. Dot Esports also reported on the incident on Oct. 25. During game 10 of the finals, ZooTay managed three kills as shown in the live kill feed of the livestream. The game only rewarded the player with two kills, however.

Tencent later revealed it was aware of the situation regarding the points calculation and it was “working diligently” to investigate it. Today, Tencent announced a “server glitch due to an internet issue” caused the points to be incorrectly calculated. One more kill point was given to Execute, taking their overall tally to 157 points, one more than Alpha7.

“We have spoken with both Execute and Alpha7 Esports about our conclusion and both teams are understanding of the situation,” the statement said. Tencent also said that it has identified the “root of the issue that caused this confusion” and will be making sure that it doesn’t happen in the future.

The underdog team, Execute, have now made it through the Club Open (PMCO) and the PMPL to qualify for the $2 million PMGC. It will begin in late November and will feature 20 teams from around the world competing for a share of the prize pool and title of world champions.