Execute encounter kill bug in PMPL Americas causing them to not qualify for PMGC

A kill wasn't registered likely because of a bug.

Image via Tencent

The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Americas finished yesterday with Loops Esports coming in the first place. The Brazilian team dominated in all three days of the finals to defend their trophy.

The stakes were high in the PMPL Americas finals. Teams were not only competing for a share of the $122,000 prize pool but also the three available slots to the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) season zero.

When the results were announced, the top three teams were revealed as Loops Esports, The Unnamed, and Alpha7 Esports. It was shocking for the underdog team Execute, who were tied in points with Alpha7 but placed lower in the overall standings due to a lesser number of kills.

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But Execute’s Kevin “ZooTay” Huang alleged in a tweet that they deserved one more point. This is because a kill that he did wasn’t registered likely because of an in-game glitch. Dot Esports was able to confirm this actually happened through the PMPL Americas’ English livestream on YouTube.

The incident happened in game 10 of the finals on Sanhok. According to the live kill feed, ZooTay secured three kills in the game. These happened in:

  • First kill: ZooTay knocks and kills Nova Esports’ Liu “Cat” Xin. It can be seen in the time stamp 3:27:47 of the livestream.
  • Second kill: ZooTay kills Tribe Gaming’s Aarron “Kingeh” Jimenez. It can be seen in the time stamp 3:28:35 of the livestream.
  • Third kill: ZooTay lands a grenade on Tempo Storm’s Martin “Rain” Duran, knocking him out. His teammate, “KillSwitch,” lands a few more shots on Rain who eventually bleeds out. ZooTay gets the kill as indicated by the live feed. This happened in time stamp 3:30:36 of the livestream.

But when the camera pans to ZooTay at 3:30:46, it shows that he only has two kills. Execute finished this game in second place with eight kills, even though they deserved nine kills. If Execute gets this kill point back, they will have 157 points in the overall leaderboards and will place third in the overall rankings.

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Jan M. Jahnke, the senior esports manager of PUBG Mobile replied to ZooTay’s tweet and said that they are “already looking into this.” It remains to be seen if Execute are given one more point.

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship will begin in late November with 20 teams from around the world participating. It has a prize pool of $2 million.