Duck, Duck, Goose: Week 2 LoL Pick and Ban Trends

Regions have completed their second week of play and it's time to look at the trends in the pick and ban phases from those games.

The Western leagues have played their second week of competition while the Eastern leagues took a break for the lunar New Year, although Korea did play eight games early in the week. Despite the smaller dataset, the West gave us some new picks to look at and some new trends to observe.

Korea – LCK

The LCK only had eight games in total for the week and it did not change much of what we have been seeing from the region. Maokai and Malzahar are the top picks with 20 picks each, while Zyra, Camille, LeBlanc, and Rengar still have a 100 percent pick/ban rate in the region. The champions that are banned out the most (Rengar, LeBlanc and Camille) sport a 100 percent win-rate in the games that they actually make it on the rift. Overall, Kha’Zix has the highest win-rate of champions with 10 or more picks at 74 percent.

Europe – EU LCS

Europe had one of its super-weeks,which means that there were more games to look at for the trends of the region. Varus is the most played champ with 18 total picks despite having a 33 percent win-rate, while Ashe and Jhin are right behind him with 17 picks each and share a win-rate of 59 percent. Zyra and Shen are the only champions that are picked or banned in at least 90 percent of games, outside of the “Big Three” (Rengar, Camille and LeBlanc). Rumble has overtaken Shen as the champion with the best win-rate that’s been picked more than 10 times, currently sitting at 80 percent. Europe remains the only region that has picked Ivern so far. Splyce pulled out a surprise pick with Mordekaiser in the mid lane, marking his first time being seen this season.

North America – NA LCS

Ashe overtakes Maokai as the most picked champion in North America, jumping to 40 picks out of 51 games played, and Maokai drops to third in the list behind Kha’Zix. The “Big Three” remain at a 100 percent pick/ban rate despite LeBlanc only getting one win in her three games played. Kha’Zix is the most effective champion with 10 or more picks, touting a 67 percent win-rate. NA has taken an odd liking to Morgana, picking her seven times and banning her out twice while she has not been seen in any capacity in the other regions. Not to be outdone by Europe, North America selected a surprise champion when FlyQuest picked Evelynn in two games, marking her entrance into the season.

Globally, Maokai remains as the most picked champion, being selected in 65 percent of the matches and receiving a ban in 25 percent of matches. Rengar and Camille emerge as the only champions either picked or banned in every game across all regions. Teams have been experimenting by allowing Rengar through the bans to be picked, but his previous frequent bans have been justified as he is the most effective champion with 10 or more picks, sitting high with an 83 percent win-rate.

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