Dr Disrespect claims Warzone has hit rock bottom: ‘I’ve had enough’

The two-time blames Caldera and “boring” updates for the battle royale’s decline.

Dr Disrespect looks at Warzone Season 2 update.
Images via Raven Software/Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect has taken another swipe at Warzone and the state of the Call of Duty battle royale following its Season Two update, claiming Raven Software’s title has finally hit “rock bottom” after more than 18 months in decline.

The two-time has never been coy when it comes to his opinions on Warzone, especially regarding gun balance, its constant bug issues, and lack of content drops.

This time, however, Dr Disrespect seems resigned to Warzone’s demise. The 100-player battle royale has been live for almost two years, first helmed by Infinity Ward, then later under Raven Software’s wings. Now, following the shaky launch of Season Two on Monday, Feb. 14, the star streamer claims it’s hit an all-time low.

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“I’ve had enough,” the two-time declared to his YouTube fans in a recent stream. “I think I’m switching over right now. It [Warzone] is just not going to do it for me.”

Image via Raven Software.

There wasn’t any one issue that flared the Doc’s Warzone anger⁠—and there have been plenty in the past. Instead, the YouTube streamer explained he was fed up with hoping the flagship Call of Duty title would improve. Every element of Raven Software’s battle royale has become “a real chore to play,” he said, with a new spot fire seemingly flaring up no matter which way you look.

Warzone Pacific’s second season premiered on Feb. 14. The update added several new mechanics to the battle royale, including Redeploy Balloons, Portable Decontamination Stations, and two new POIs in Caldera⁠—Research Labs and Chemical Factory.

None of it has “saved” the game though, the Doc says.

“I’m just not in it,” Dr Disrespect continued. “I haven’t gotten into it since this map [new battleground Caldera, released in December] was introduced. I’m just not into this game. It’s insane. I am literally not interested in Call of Duty right now. This might be the least interested I’ve ever been for this game.

“It must just be the way the game looks, the situation of the game right now, and the design of this map,” the two-time said. “I can’t get into it. Not at all, yeah.”

Screengrab via DrDisrespect on YouTube.

Dr Disrespect’s damning claims regarding Warzone’s future come just days after Raven Software unveiled plans to release a sequel to the Call of Duty battle royale.

The follow-up⁠—aptly titled Warzone 2,⁠ for now—is being developed on an entirely new gaming engine “from the ground-up” in a bid to avoid many of its predecessor’s issues. The sequel has been penciled in for a 2023 release. Until then, Warzone will remain Call of Duty’s flagship battle royale entry.

The devs are also planning to add a Warzone ranked mode soon.