What’s new in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific season 2?

Here's what's new for you in Caldera.

Image via Activision

Happy Valentine’s Day, Call of Duty gamers. Raven Software’s gift to you is a large update to Call of Duty: Warzone.

Like clockwork, each few months in Call of Duty there is new content to look forward to. Season two is no different, and Warzone has gotten a substantial update alongside Vanguard’s newest season.

Along with a number of quality-of-life updates, bug fixes, weapon tweaks, and attachment changes, there are a lot of new gameplay mechanics and new things to look forward to when dropping into and exploring Caldera this season.

Here’s everything new in season two.

New gameplay mechanics

Redeploy Balloons

Image via Activision

Fans of Apex Legends will be immediately familiar with these new balloons placed all around the map. Players can use them to ascend to new heights and then redeploy with their parachutes to move around the map swiftly.

Portable Decontamination Station

Image via Activision

Apex player, are you still there? This is also a mechanic that’s quite similar to something in Respawn’s battle royale. This equipment can be placed and it will filtrate the air in the surrounding area for a short period of time, allowing players to survive the circle as it encroaches.

Nebula V ammo and bombs

Image via Activision

Gas, gas, gas. There are two new ways to deploy this gas in Caldera. The Nebula V bomb can be placed and “will detonate after a fixed countdown and cannot be disarmed or destroyed,” according to Activision. The initial blast will deal damage before spreading gas where it will hurt anyone who does not have a gas mask.

Nebula V ammo, meanwhile, is a Field Upgrade that creates a gas cloud around an enemy that’s been downed by it. This means they can’t be revived unless the reviver faces the consequences of the gas itself.

New locations

Chemical Factory

Image via Activision

“In total, the Factory has six major structures, a small railyard with several stalled boxcars and a terminus within the main building, as well as several minor buildings,” said Activision. “The complex is protected by natural rock outcroppings and two main archways on a main road leading through it. Armed Axis guards in watchtowers guard the facility. An Operator can easily get a fair amount of loot, Contracts, and engagement opportunities throughout the complex, especially in the auxiliary structures on the river’s east side.”

Research Labs

Image via Activision

Labs are found within yellow circles on the map. These areas have one point of entry and no escape, but they’re filled with lots of items like supply boxes and Nebula V gas items.

New vehicles

Bomber Planes

Image via Activision

These new planes do not have gunners but instead can drop payloads to destroy things like anti-air guns or the new Armored Transport Vehicle. Speaking of…

Armored Transport Vehicles

Image via Activision

These Armored Vehicles will be moving around Caldera and can be seen on the tac map. Once destroyed, they are full of items and loot like money, weapons, and more. They’re armed with autotargeting machine guns and deployable mines, so it won’t be easy to take down.