New Dark Star skins for Orianna and Kha’zix arrive tomorrow in Patch 7.9

The new patch adds some of the game's coolest skins, as well as some cool new chromas.

Patch 7.9 arrives tomorrow, and it’s bringing Dark Star Orianna and Dark Star Kha’zix to League of Legends’ skin arsenal. These are two of the coolest skins that the game has to offer.

Dark Star Kha’zix

The new Dark Star skin for Kha is terrifying, as if a giant bug that prowls the world looking for prey to consume and fuel his evolution wasn’t already scary enough.

The skin gives the bug new ability animations, as well as brand new visual and sound effects. He has a dark star that grows from his back when he evolves his wings, and the new ultimate let’s Kha tear a hole through space, and reappear on the other side when his invisibility wears off.

The price will be 1350 RP when it goes live.

Dark Star Orianna

Orianna’s Dark Star skin transforms her from her usual creepy ballerina self to a cosmic being that acts like a child, and the cosmos are her playground.

Blowing up whole solar systems just to see the bright lights and rearranging the order of planets are just a typical Tuesday for Dark Star Orianna. With her new skin, she also gets all new VFX on her abilities and non-ability animations, as well as new sound effects and her very own galaxy swirling around her as a tutu.

Dark Star Orianna will cost 1,350 RP when it’s released.

There is also a few new chroma packs being added to League of Legends as well.

Also, don’t miss the new Dark Star: Singularity game mode that will likely be shipping alongside the new Dark Star skins. You’ll get to play as a Dark Star Thresh and use your hook and flay to knock enemies into a giant black hole.