CoD: Mobile players unhappy about upcoming movement nerf

The ability to ADS while sliding could be removed from the game.

Image via Activision

A new public test build for Call of Duty: Mobile was released last week, containing a lot of new features coming to the game in future seasons. But a player movement nerf that’s removed the ability to ADS while sliding is facing backlash from the community.

Call of Duty: Mobile players could previously open their scope while sliding to take down enemies and make it harder for an opponent to fire back. This maneuver can be effective for killing campers hiding behind walls or other structures. It’s also a good tactic in one-vs-one combat.

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In the public test build, players can’t ADS while sliding. If players attempt to do so, the camera will slightly pan in but the scope won’t open. Players can still hip-fire while sliding, though. But hip-firing doesn’t offer the same accuracy as ADS firing.

Players have been expressing their displeasure with this nerf since the public test build was released.

“Got to love how they screw up movement every season,” one Reddit user said. “You can no longer slide and aim. Don’t implement it, devs. Please, it’s so trash.”

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Activision hasn’t commented on the issue yet. It’s unclear if the company will move forward with implementing this nerf in the global version of the game after the backlash it’s faced.