CoD: Mobile players call on Activision to fix movement bug caused by ADS settings

The annoying bug hasn't been fixed for months.

Image via Activision

A bug that has allegedly been present in Call of Duty: Mobile for months still hasn’t been fixed. Recently, Reddit users have voiced their frustrations about an issue that causes movement to stop when using the “tap and hold to ADS” settings.

One user explained that the bug happens when players hold the aim button and attempt to move. In a small “dead zone” around the aim button, the player doesn’t move. Due to this, strafing becomes difficult.

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Another user added that this bug has been present in the game since the Gunsmith update with season nine back in mid-August. The bug may have gone unnoticed as the dead zone is small, and the character starts moving as soon as the finger presses outside of the zone. But this could be catastrophic for someone in the higher ranks.

It remains to be seen if Activision will address this issue with the season 13 update. The next season was expected to begin Dec. 17. According to the in-game battle pass countdown, however, this has been extended by four days to Dec. 21.

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A public test build for the season 13 content update has been released. Activision uses this to test out upcoming features to the game for any bugs or issues. Season 13 will bring new maps, weapons, scorestreak, tactical equipment, perk, modes, and more to CoD: Mobile.