CoD: Mobile devs clarify stance on movement nerfs

Most of the nerfs in the public test build were bugs.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile players were not happy when the latest public test build for the game launched last week. Several players posted on social media about the “movement nerfs” added to the build which prevented a player from opening their scope when using the slide feature.

Activision revealed yesterday in a community update that the nerfs were, in fact, bugs that had crept into the build. The company has said that the following bugs in the public test build will be fixed in the future:

  • Sliding being interrupted while aiming.
  • Speed of sliding reduced while aiming.
  • Sliding aim animation bug.
  • Speed is reduced once a player uses ADS instead of being reduced after the ADS completes.

Activision has said it is “testing some changes” to the ability to “dropshot,” however. This refers to the ability to immediately go prone on facing an enemy and taking them out. Going prone changes the hitbox for the player and makes it more difficult for the enemy to fire at them.

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Activision has also said everything in the build is subject to change.

The latest public test build is being used to test out upcoming features to CoD: Mobile in seasons two and three. It contains three new maps, namely the Oasis, Shipment 2019, and Shoot House. It also contains a new scorestreak and operator skill, called the Napalm and Bull Charge respectively.