Call of Duty: Mobile to get new operator skill and scorestreak

The Bull Charge and Napalm scorestreak are soon coming to the game.

Image via Garena

Call of Duty: Mobile’s latest public test build is here and has revealed a lot of features coming to the game in future updates. A new operator skill and scorestreak, for example, will be joining the game soon.

The new operator skill is called the Bull Charge. It’s a full-body shield that players can use to cover themselves from enemy fire. The shield can be used offensively as well. Players can charge at enemies with it and take them out.

While using the Bull Charge, it’s important to watch your back since it’s completely vulnerable to enemy fire.

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Screengrab via Activision

The Napalm is the new scorestreak that will be dropping into CoD: Mobile in the future. It costs 1,800 consecutive points to use in a match, making it the most expensive scorestreak in the game.

Using the scorestreak deploys an aircraft that throws napalm onto the ground, lighting it on fire and damaging enemies.

Screengrab via Activision

Activision hasn’t revealed an exact release date for the scorestreak and operator skill yet. The company has said that the public test build is being used to test out features for the next two seasons, though. Thus, they’ll likely be released in either season two or three of the game. The second season is expected to begin on March 10.

Other than this, three new maps are also coming to Call of Duty: Mobile: Oasis, Shipment 2019, and Shoot House.

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