Call of Duty: Mobile leak shows Airborne class, Molotov cocktail, and more

These will be coming to the game soon.

Image via Activision

A recent leak about Call of Duty: Mobile has shown that some exciting stuff is coming to the game soon.

A leaked video posted on YouTube shows gameplay footage using the “Sparrow” operator skill. It’s basically a bow and arrow that fires one arrow at a time, taking down opponents in a single hit. The range of the arrow increases the longer it is drawn.  

Also spotted in the leaked video was the Molotov cocktail. It burns your opponents down but players should be careful when using it to avoid accidentally setting themselves on fire.

The leaked footage shows gameplay from the “Airborne” class in the battle royale mode as well. The class is locked in the game with a “stay tuned” option on it. Players can summon an ejection device using this class, which can send entire teams into the air and deploys wings to glide. This will enable players to easily maneuver around the map. The Lightweight perk also comes with this class. It makes the player more buoyant while using the wingsuit.

Activision hasn’t said when these may drop in the game.

Call of Duty: Mobile has had a tremendous first few weeks of launch, crossing 100 million downloads worldwide. Activision has also kept players hooked by adding the free-for-all and gun game modes for limited periods. A zombie mode is also coming to the game soon.