Free-for-All limited-time mode coming to Call of Duty: Mobile on Oct. 11

Every man for himself.

Image via Activision

An iconic multiplayer mode from nearly all Call of Duty games is coming to the mobile iteration. Players will be able to drop into Free-for-All from Oct. 11 to 17. 

In this limited-time mode, it’s every man for himself. Once a player reaches a certain threshold of eliminations, they’ll be crowned the winner. This mode won’t contain any teams, unlike all other game modes that are available in Call of Duty: Mobile multiplayer.

Free-for-All is similar to a solo battle royale mode. Players have to survive on their own, but they’ll use their multiplayer loadouts rather than picking up loot. 

Free-for-All will be playable on all maps that are available in CoD: Mobile

The introduction of Free-for-All increases the total number of core game modes to six: Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search and Destroy, and practice. Although it’s a temporary mode right now, if Free-for-All is played enough, it’ll most likely be fully implemented in the future. 

The additional content doesn’t end here, though. Activision and Tencent are developing a Zombies mode that will be introduced to CoD: Mobile soon. This will be a linear game mode with several missions rather than the historic survival mode from the Black Ops series. 

CoD: Mobile has been a huge success for Activision. The game recently hit over 100,000 million downloads just a week after its official release, beating Fortnite and PUBG’s release on mobile devices by a large margin, according to SensorTower