Call of Duty: Mobile is getting a 10-vs-10 mode—and it’s quite messy

The mode will be playable on a variety of maps.

Image via Activision

If Call of Duty: Mobile wasn’t already intense and fast-paced enough, Activision is making it even more so. The recently released public test build (beta) contained 10-vs-10 Team Deathmatch and Domination modes. 

In the public test build, the mode is playable on most multiplayer maps, including the smaller ones such as the upcoming Shipment map. Shipment is a very small map and putting 20 players on it makes things very clustered. 

The mode is likely to arrive sometime during the next season of the game. The present season eight, called The Forge, will end on Aug. 5. 

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The public test build is used to test out upcoming features to the mobile game. This includes the Gunsmith which allows players to make complex customizations to weapons. 

In addition to this, a lot of exciting changes are being made to the battle royale mode such as a new starting animation. Two new multiplayer maps, Terminal and Shipment are also coming to the game. 

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Activision has only confirmed the Gunsmith feature’s release, which will come out in the next season. It remains to be seen when the remaining features will arrive, although it should not be later than two seasons away.  


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