The best Nintendo Switch thumb grips

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best nintendo switch thumb grips

The Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED are hugely successful portable consoles, but its stock buttons and thumb sticks can quickly wear down over time.

This is especially noticeable if you play a lot of fighting games on the Switch, or titles that require a lot of regular, precise inputs. That’s where thumb grips come in handy: they provide more tactility than the regular Switch sticks, protecting them in short and long-term from dust and damage.

The internet is loaded with countless thumb grips in every color imaginable. If you’re looking to get a bit more life out of your Switch, Switch Lite or Switch OLED, here’s the best thumb grips available.

Skull & Co. Skin, CQC and FPS Thumb Grips

Image via Skull & Co.
The Skull & Co. thumb grips are specially crafted for FPS games and RPGs that involve CQC. You’ll get a total of three thumb grips pairs for FPS, CQC, and skin grips. The skin grips protect the joy-cons against wear and tear. Meanwhile, the CQC grips have a 3mm thickness and concave design for easy control. The FPS grips are 4.5mm thick for quick tapping and shooting. You can mix and match as per your needs. Note that these thumb grips are not meant for the Pro Controller or any other controllers.

GeekShare Cat Paw Shape Thumb Grip

Image via GeekShare
GeekShare’s thumb grips have a cute paw shape and they come in a dozen different color combinations. The grips are made of soft silicone that protects your joy-cons from scratches. They are soft to touch and press. Each pack has four thumb grips and they are compatible with Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, and OLED. You can easily install the thumb grips just by aligning them to the sticks and fitting them back in.

Tscope Cute Thumb Grip Caps Animal Crossing

Image via Tscope
If you own a Switch, chances are that you’re already a fan of Animal Crossing. In case you’re looking to make your Switch Animal Crossing-themed, these grips by Tscope might be a cool accessory. The caps fit the controls perfectly and lend precision to in-game movement. The height is sufficient to reduce wrist and thumb fatigue, giving you an enhanced Switch experience. The soft silicone material is soft to touch and improves your grip on the controls.

GeekShare Cute Animal Theme Silicone Joycon Thumb

Image via GeekShare
GeekShare’s cute frog and axolotl thumb grips are perfect to adorn your Nintendo Switch. You can also use them for your Switch Lite or OLED. The soft silicone caps easily fit the analog sticks and shield them against wear and tear. The increased height makes long gaming sessions easier and reduces fatigue.

KontrolFreek FPS Freek Galaxy Performance Thumbsticks for Nintendo Switch

Image via KontrolFreek
If you’re looking for sheer performance and usability, check out KontrolFreek’s thumbsticks. The pair has one mid-rise 6.5mm cap alongside a high-rise 10mm cap. This combo works well with FPS games as the right side gives improved accuracy and the left side gives better control. You can mix and match it for your entire library of games. The non-slip rubber grip delivers a good grip and precise in-game movements.

BelugaDesign Boba Dumpling Thumb Grips

Image via BelugaDesign
If Kawaii designs are your thing, then BelugaDesign’s thumb grips are the perfect ones to use! The soft squishy thumb caps come in two pairs of boba and dumpling. You can easily install the grips on your Switch by popping them inside out. If you’re a casual gamer looking to dress up your console, you can check out all their variants.

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