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best gaming earbuds
Image via HyperX

8 best wired earbuds for gaming in 2024

Looking for a new pair of earbuds? You've come to the right place

Earbuds can’t carry the impact of a full gaming headset, but they still have plenty to offer. They are generally cheaper, compact, and portable. The best wired gaming earbuds can give you the competitive edge you need via better sound outputs or quality microphones.

Earbuds especially became more popular in mobile gaming due to their practicability. Most mobile games can only take advantage of stereo outputs, so investing in a 7.1 headset for mobile gaming won’t be ideal, solidifying gaming headphones’ stance in the market.

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1. Logitech G333

Key specs• 1/8″ TRRS connector with USB-C adapter
• In-line microphone
What we like about it• Affordable price tag
• Consistent audio experience
• Decent microphone recording quality
• Multiple ear tip sizes for a comfortable fit
What we don’t like about it• Lacks EQ or presets
• No mic mute button
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Product breakdown for Logitech G333

At its core, the G333 offers consistent audio with a heavy emphasis on bass. This focus enhances sound effects like explosions and footsteps, helping you stay alert in competitive games. However, it can take a toll on music and dialogue sounds. 

The microphone is clear, but it can struggle in noisy environments. The included USB-C adapter ensures compatibility with modern devices, and the multiple ear tip sizes provide a comfortable fit for extended gaming sessions.

2. MOONDROP Blessing 3

Key specs• Hybrid driver design
• stainless steel faceplate
What we like about it• Comfortable premium design
• Detailed in-game audio
• Also delivers a solid performance during content consumption
What we don’t like about it• No controls
• No microphone
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Product breakdown for MOONDROP Blessing 3

The MOONDROP Blessing 3 prioritizes audio quality above all else and uses a hybrid driver design with dual dynamic drivers for strong bass, and four balanced armature drivers for crisp mids and highs. This combination translates to detailed in-game audio where footsteps and environmental cues are clear and distinct.

While the Blessing 3 boasts a comfortable, premium design, keep in mind it lacks a microphone and features any inline controls, so this creates a dilemma. While the audio quality is perfect cut for gamers’ liking, the lack of a microphone means you’ll need to outsource your communication needs.

3. Turtle Beach Battle Buds

Key specs• Detachable boom microphone
• Breathable design
What we like about it• Versatile use with the removable mic
• Decent boom mic quality
• Comfy fit
What we don’t like about it• Sound profile not ideal for music
• Poor noise cancellation
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Product breakdown for Turtle Beach Battle Buds

The Turtle Beach Battle Buds feature a detachable boom mic that transforms them from compact in-ears for everyday use to a battle-ready headset.

While the boom mic is decent at capturing your voice at a decent quality, the sound profile itself might leave you wanting. Bass and mids often get lost, making them less than ideal for music. The large earbud design does prevent ear fatigue during extended gaming sessions. Their breathability keeps your ears cool during intense gaming sessions.

4. SteelSeries TUSQ

Key specs• Detachable boom microphone
• Bass-heavy sound profile
What we like about it• Excellent microphone recording quality
• Well-built
What we don’t like about it• Weak controls
• Lacking passive soundstage with no EQ
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Product breakdown for SteelSeries TUSQ

The SteelSeries TUSQ comes equipped with a detachable boom microphone boasting exceptional voice recording quality for earbuds. With its boom mic close to your mouth your teammates will hear you loud and clear, ensuring smooth in-game coordination.

While the TUSQ features a comfortable fit, it sacrifices some audio neutrality for a bass-heavy sound profile. This emphasis on low tones can make explosions sound impactful, but it may come at the expense of clear dialogue. The lack of an EQ prevents customization, so keep that in mind if you prefer a more balanced soundscape.

5. Apple EarPods

Key specs• Built-in microphone
• One-size-fits-most design
What we like about it• Simple design
• Easy-to-use controls
What we don’t like about it• Sub-par isolation
• May fall out of the ear too easily for some users
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Product breakdown for Apple EarPods

The Apple EarPods might seem like an unusual pick for gaming, but their simplicity can be a strength.  They’re widely available, lightweight, and used to come standard with most iPhones, so there’s a decent chance you might have one sitting in a drawer.  For casual gamers who don’t need fancy features or a bulky headset, the EarPods offer a basic solution that gets the job done.

They boast a comfortable, one-size-fits-most design and a built-in microphone for communication.  However,  the open-back design offers minimal noise isolation, so expect to hear some background noise. Additionally, the sound profile leans a little light on bass, which might be a turnoff for some gamers.

6. HyperX Cloud Earbuds II

Key specs• Detachable microphone
• Multifunction button
• Multiple ear tip sizes
What we like about it• Affordable price
• Good microphone quality
What we don’t like about it• Isolation
• We felt that HyperX could definitely do better on this one
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Product breakdown for HyperX Cloud Earbuds II

The HyperX Cloud Earbuds II set out to be the ideal on-the-go buddy for gamers who crave portability. They boast a user-friendly design with a focus on comfort, featuring multiple ear tip sizes for a customized fit. Unfortunately, this prioritization of comfort comes at a cost. The ear tips struggle to create a tight seal, which significantly weakens noise isolation.

While the microphone quality is decent for casual use, the sound quality itself falls short. The bass response is underwhelming due to the loose fit, leaving music and games lacking in punch. While the microphone might hold up for chatting with friends at home, the audio experience just isn’t ideal for serious mobile gaming.

7. Razer Moray

Key specs• THX certification
• Dual hybrid driver system
What we like about it• Lightweight
• Designed for streamers
What we don’t like about it• Lacks built-in microphone
• Not ideal for neutral sound listening
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Product breakdown for Razer Moray

These lightweight buds prioritize comfort and clarity in dialogues, making them ideal for marathon streaming sessions. Their unique sound profile emphasizes dialogue and in-game chat, ensuring you can hear your teammates and monitor your own voice with perfect precision.

Dual hybrid drivers and THX certification promise an immersive soundscape, although keep in mind they won’t completely block out noisy neighbors or airplane rumbles. While the Morays might not be audiophile-grade for music, they excel at their intended purpose. The slight boost in high-bass creates a warm and engaging sound profile.

8. 1More Triple-driver headphones

Key specs• Balanced sound
• Sturdy build quality
What we like about it• Decent price, performance ratio
• Comfortable fit
What we don’t like about it• Lacks extensive noise isolation
• Sound profile might be underwhelming for audiophiles
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Product breakdown for 1More Triple-driver

Boasting a sleek and well-built design, the 1More Triple Driver headphones are a trifecta of features. These in-ear headphones hold their own against pricier models, but their in-ear design doesn’t offer extensive noise cancellation. This means they might not be ideal for gaming in loud environments.

The sound itself presents a balanced profile which should be fine for most gaming needs. If you’re a competitive player with refined taste, though, you’ll need to resort to third-party apps since this pair of earbuds doesn’t have its own software.

How we created this list of wired earbuds

For this list, I considered a variety of factors that gamers might find important, including sound quality, microphone functionality, comfort, and price. While there isn’t a single “best” gaming earbud that will suit everyone, there are a few that are better at what they do compared to the rest of the market.

As for me, I’ve experimented with various gaming earbuds over the years, from the Razer Hammerheads to the HyperX Clouds. However, I often find myself returning to the familiar comfort of Apple EarPods. I understand they might not be the top-of-the-line option for hardcore gamers and audiophiles, but their portability and affordability are undeniable. Plus, after ten years of use with the same pair, they’ve proven to be remarkably durable.

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