Asmongold: This is nothing new, Blizzard always mismanages World of Warcraft expansions

The MMO veteran reminded fans about the past.

Image via Blizzard and screengrab via Asmongold on Twitch

After talking about how disappointed he was with World of Warcraft’s two most recent expansions, Shadowlands and Battle for Azeroth, Asmongold reminded fans that Blizzard mismanaged his favorite expansions in the past too.

“I feel like people have to remember back in even The Burning Crusade and Vanilla WoW, Blizzard f**ked up so many things,” he said during a Twitch stream on June 26.

Asmongold explained that although old expansions went on to receive acclaim, they were released with bugged mechanics and other imperfections that were ironed out in patches. “These games have been mismanaged ever since the beginning. It’s just that you might not have remembered them back then.”

“People remember they played Burning Crusade, but they weren’t playing Burning Crusade. They were playing patch 2.4.3, I believe. But patches 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 were different games. It took a long time to get to 2.4.3.”

The topic came up while Asmongold watched a video called ‘Father, is it Over? The Final Stand of World of Warcraft’ created by YouTuber Nixxiom, who claimed the company neglected the game in recent expansions.

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Asmongold admitted Wrath of the Lich King felt like the true thematic ending of the game, and the quality of the expansions has been sliding ever since.

However, he insisted the company’s shenanigans happened back then, too.

Still, he has high hopes for the upcoming expansion, Dragonflight, after watching its announcement event back in April 2022. However, he isn’t convinced other players will feel the same way and is somewhat skeptical.

The MMO veteran has also been vocal about the management of the Diablo franchise, claiming Immortal has ‘irreversibly damaged‘ hype for Diablo IV after struggles.