Artesian Builds backs out of giving streamer a PC in giveaway

Small streamers share their grievances.

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Twitch streamer kiapiaa called out hardware streaming group Artesian Builds after the company supposedly changed the rules of their giveaway last minute.

In kiapiaa’s Twitter thread, the small streamer stated that Artesian Builds did not honor the original agreement of the giveaway and was condescending to both her and her community. In her initial Tweet, kiapiaa wrote “[Artesian Builds] have monthly PC giveaways for their ambassadors, great, right? Expect they don’t care for small streamers. I got chosen and they changed their rules last minute.”

Along with her Tweets, the Twitch streamer posted several clips from Artesian’s streams that showed the CEO listing off her streamer stats. At one point the CEO stated, “All followers combined still under 5,000, even across multiple socials,” Katz said “I was trying to be generous. That’s a tough one.”

In the third and final clip, Katz cited that kiapiaa’s Twitch analytics were ultimately the reason for their decision to reroll their giveaway. Throughout her Twitter thread kiapiaa described the CEO’s behavior as belittling, claiming that he slander and defamed “my stream and me as a person.”

The initial rules for the giveaway only required streamers to host the company’s banner in their description, with no mention of any specific analytic based requirements for entry. Kiapiaa took issue with the company’s conduct and unfair ruling change, though she was not the only streamer scorned by Artesian Builds.

Fellow streamer SonicMega similarly claimed that the company wanted to “leverage” their significant following but required the streamer to buy parts of their product just to be sponsored. In a response Tweet, SonicMega wrote “I genuinely think they just shoot their shot at anyone who has a decent following but doesn’t come off as big enough to already have better offers.”

Shortly after kiapiaa launched criticisms, Artesian Builds responded in a four-part Twitter thread of their own. The company wrote that they intend to continue their giveaways and that “everyone in the affiliate/ambass program is eligible to get awesome free stuff and earn $ from referrals.”

Though not specifically referring to any of the company’s criticisms, the company’s Twitter account stated that “You can always go and chat with me live on Twitch. I’ve talked for a long time about being transparent about everything. It’s live after all.”

Many replies underneath Artesian Build’s response were unsatisfied with the vague acknowledgment of the situation. Countless streamers shared similar stories with the company while other users simply felt that their response was not enough.