Full list of banned words on Twitch

Twitch's specified banned speech and words.

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Uttering words or phrases that directly conflict with Twitch’s Terms of Service is among the leading causes of bans or suspensions from the platform. As the platform has evolved, there has been a continuous update to the banned words on Twitch along with phrases and sentiments.

Words that are considered harassment, threats, or disparagements can often result in hefty bans. While typically first and second-time offenders are given one-day or week-long bans, Twitch has dealt out more severe consequences for channels spouting hate speech, incitements to violence, or related topics.

Twitch’s most-viewed streamers have even caught significant bans for speech, resulting in permanent or indefinite suspensions. Even famous electronic music artist and streamer Deadmau5 was banned for it.

While Twitch’s definitions of prohibited speech may continue to change, these are the specific words and general rhetoric not allowed on the platform and susceptible to bans.

Why Twitch has a banned words list

Twitch has a banned words list because the very nature of the platform itself necessitates it. There are thousands of streamers on the platform and millions of viewers. If everyone was free to say harmful, derogatory, or hateful things, it would make the community an unsafe place for streamers and viewers alike. Plus, it would reflect poorly on Twitch, which prides itself on having an inclusive culture.

For this reason, and others, the Amazon-owned platform has created the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines for everyone to follow. Banning certain words from being said is a small part of that.

The kinds of speech not allowed on Twitch

Twitch has definite rules against hate speech on the platform and details exactly what constitutes as “hateful conduct” on its official page, extending past speech and imagery. Below are the general categories of speech that fall under the prohibited section.

  • Incitements, threats, or advocations of physical harm or death against individuals or groups on the basis of protected characteristics.
  • Use of hateful slurs toward individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Expressions of contempt or hatred toward groups of people.
  • Expressions of sexual harassment toward individuals.
  • Targeted attempts to dox or otherwise surrender personal, undisclosed information about specific users.

Specific banned words on Twitch

Twitch considers these specific words‘incel’, ‘virgin’, and ‘simp’,  just as bannable as racial, homophobic, or sexist slurs. Uttering these words will similarly result in a ban though potentially to a lesser degree. As Twitch prohibits more words, phrases, and sentiments, they also impose equal punishment for obscene actions, violent practices, or the use of explicit imagery.

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