ARAM coming to League of Legends: Wild Rift

It's almost here.

Two towers face each other on the Howling Abyss in League of Legends
The Howling Abyss makes for fast-paced, kill-heavy games of League. | Image via Riot Games

League of Legends: Wild Rift players will finally get access to the fan-favorite ARAM mode in the upcoming patch 2.2.

According to the dev diary, ARAM will be a limited-time mode added to the game. The team will first roll out a test to all regions.

It has been an extremely popular mode for the PC League title, giving players a quicker more casual experience. This mode features a single lane where all 10 players will do battle. Additionally, champions are assigned randomly.

Mark Dash will also be making its way into Wild Rift for use in the ARAM mode. This summoner spell grants players a way to close the distance on their enemies by marking them with a snowball before dashing toward their target.

In its initial rollout, the team at Wild Rift expects there to be balancing issues, as well as a lack of features that are present in the PC mode. With their testing phase, however, the developers hope to remedy some of these issues and include more features to the game.

ARAM is among a variety of new features and changes coming in patch 2.2, including multiple new champions, skins, a redesigned ranked system, and gameplay changes.


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