Wild Rift set to introduce new preference-based position system for ranked

This could make a huge difference.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends‘ mobile experience, Wild Rift, is set to introduce its own unique position system for ranked games.

This new system, shown off in the latest dev diary, does away with the two-position preferred method that is used in the PC title and introduces a ranking-based system where players will select each position from their most desired to their least.

For those players who do not want to manually select their position, Wild Rift will scan their match history and preference their most-played roles instead.

Coming soon to the game, this system will be rolled out in a small test for a few days to test the effectiveness before going live for all players later in the year. Any player who wants to get in on this testing will find a separate queue in the ranked tab with the system enabled. Another bonus for those willing to assist with testing is that none of the match results, ratings, or event progress will carry over.

Just like the initial rollout of the game, players in the Americas region will have to wait for this feature as the game is too new. All players based elsewhere, though, will have the ability to jump in on the action.

A position system in ranked is something that the community has been asking for since Wild Rift’s release. This is due to the current system with no role preference increasing confusion between players who often don’t utilize the chat system to call for a position in-game.