The best Dwarf cards in MTG Kaldheim

Bring the aggression.

Image via WotC

The Dwarves of Kaldheim are one of the upcoming Magic: The Gathering’s red and white themes.

There are 11 Dwarf creatures in the new set with five red, five white, and one that requires red and white. Most of these cards won’t find their way into the game’s constructed meta, but a handful of them might be able to help you win a few rounds during sealed or draft events.

Here are some of the best Dwarf cards releasing this week in MTG Kaldheim.

Magda, Brazen Outlaw

Image via WotC

Dwarf tribal decks might not be a regularly used strategy in Kaldheim, but if you manage to get your hands on Magda, your odds of success making an aggressive red and white deck revolving around Dwarves will improve. 

Giving one power to all other Dwarves is useful, but what makes her particularly useful is that she can be used to search your deck for a high-threat asset in the form of an artifact or Dragon card. 

Koll, the Forgemaster

Image via WotC

Koll is the only dwarf in this set that requires two colors. But at the cost of just two mana, he provides massive value in a limited setting, especially if you’re looking to run a build that revolves around enchantments and tokens. 

Played on curve, the Forgemaster gives token creatures +1/+1 if they’re enchanted or equipped, but more importantly, he prevents nontokens from going to the graveyard, giving you more fuel for long-grindy Limited matches.

Axgard Braggart

Image via WotC

Axgard Braggart isn’t particularly flashy, but as a common that can untap and add +1/+1 counters to itself with Boast, the card could carry some red and white decks late in limited matches.

It doesn’t take too many turns worth of attacks for the Axgard to go from a 3/3 to a formidable attacker simply by Boasting. Meanwhile, the untapping part of his Boast ability practically gives him Vigilance.

Goldmaw Champion

Image via WotC

Similar to the Axgard Braggart, the Goldmaw Champion isn’t going to be game-shattering in constructed play, but it will serve as a strong utility to some in aggressive Limited deck builds.

If you’re looking to flood the battlefield with characters and swing wide, this Dwarf’s boast ability will give you a little bit of extra crowd control against some of your enemy’s stronger creatures, opening a path for your onslaught of Dwarves.