Rosewater silences Faerie rumors surrounding MTG Throne of Eldraine

Faeries are in the set, just not the dominant theme.

Faerie Conclave Magic The Gathering Faeries
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering/Stephan Martiniere

Leaked photos of a card from the Hasbro Thursday morning breakfast at SDCC led to speculation that the new fall set, Throne of Eldraine, would primarily focus on Faeries. But Mark Rosewater says otherwise. 

Always ready to respond to the MTG community on Tumblr, Rosewater silenced the rumors spreading about Throne of Eldraine. He noted that while there are Faeries in the set, their importance is being overblown. 

“Because the card/invitation we made announcing the October set has a picture of Faeries on it,” responds Rosewater to a fan on Tumblr. “Since that was the only hint about the world besides the name, the assumption was made the Faeries must matter a lot to the world. They’re there. There are Faeries in the set, but nowhere at the volume or importance that people seem to be assuming. That’s why all the Faerie talk. I promise on Saturday at the Magic panel, I will make it clear what I is about.

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Rosewater is set to speak on Saturday at SDCC in room 24ABC at 8:30pm CT. Over the course of the hour-long panel, Rosewater has promised to release all the details surrounding the new MTG fall set. And while everyone thought the “cat was out of the bag” (not the Mastery Pass cat), Rosewater is standing firm on there being a lot more to Throne of Eldraine than a dominant Faerie tribal theme. 

MTG Throne of Eldraine is set to release during the first of October, with pre-release and digital (MTG Arena and Magic Online) taking place at the end of September.